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"Finding and working with Elaine as a therapist was like finding a gift for my soul. I wanted to find someone who had many life experiences and could understand what I had been through in my life that was not working very well for me.

Elaine was caring and empathetic. She was able to teach me a new way of thinking based on Love instead of fear, changing my belief system, and loving myself. I now know that I am capable of anything I set my intentions to... as long as I stay on track. If I lose track, she reminds me of forgiveness. She is truly a teacher of life, and touches everyone she meets with her heart and dedication to healing."

Going to see Elaine was the greatest decision I ever made. She helped me remember the truth about me. Gave me the tools needed to help myself and create healthier relationships with those in my life and most importantly myself.

When I came to see Elaine I was so very tired of who I was pretending to be. To be honest I hated most of who I was. I can now say I love myself and that without Elaine's guidance I could not make that claim.

If you are looking for someone that is willing to walk along side you in your journey reminding you of truths forgotten and mistaken beliefs then Elaine Clark is perfect for you as she was for me.

Elaine has a Sunday circle, which is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

"What an eye opener".

The work I started with Elaine has opened an entirely different world for me to see. The work with her was the catalyst to life changing perspectives I had no idea existed. Now I know there is a way out of pain and suffering and its available to me whenever I choose to look there.

Life changing work.